Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pink Friday "Be My Valentine"

Remember the days when we took shoeboxes and transformed them into treasure chests, sacred vessels ready to receive Valentines from our classmates? The anticipation we felt when we carved slots in the tops with blunt pairs of school scissors, making sure the openings were large enough to receive the dozens of cards we hoped would soon be delivered... but not so big that we would appear greedy. For that one day, we were willing to extend our friendship to even the boy who pulled our hair.
Later, the tingling excitement as we spent hours pouring over each and every sentiment that had been dropped into our box of hope... eager to find that one special card from a best friend, a boy we liked, or the most popular girl in class. Pouring over each sentiment, examining the carefully formed letters of each name.
The days of decorated shoeboxes and clumsily lettered names may have been long ago, but many things still fill us with the same little flutters we felt back then.
Finding a stack of vintage postcards in a favorite antique shop – some garlanded with roses, others with whimsy and fun. Uncovering a tarnished locket filled with memories of lost loves, at the bottom of an abandoned jewelry box. Picking up a weathered journal and discovering the dreams of a young woman as she embarked on her own journey of love.
A delicate hankie from a past generation, lovingly stitched with pink and red roses. Yellowed stacks of love letters, unfading feelings bound with a tattered ribbon.
As Valentine's Day draws near, I find myself feeling nostalgic for the things and feelings of the past. I'm opening the drawers of my memory and sifting through moments that have been stored away for a time just like this.

Happy Valentines Day,
Joyce Lucas, Founder

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~CC Catherine said...

Dawn, what a great "Flashback" to my earlier Valentine Days and what it felt like to make that decorated shoebox and search for that favorite Valentine! This is sweet! Stop by my post today, Show & Tell, I've got a cool give away at the end of it if you can GUESS THE EYES and there will be a drawing for all who guess it right. I also have a cool window shopping spree you may enjoy! ;) ~CC Catherine

Victoria Hayden said...

Dawn, your "flashback" from Valentines day of your childhood was done with such great detail and vivid description. I too remember those same feeling of excitement and enjoyment of creating my perfect Valentine box. Thank you for letting me recall a great feeling from my past! I will have to go check out your site now!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

I am glad you have enjoyed the passage about Valentine's Day. But I can't take credit for writing it. It was written by Joyce Lucas, founder of Make Mine Pink.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Dawn; What a great flash back story of days gone by. While reading you lovely story I was taken back to my school days, making our Valentine Bags, hanging them up, and waiting to see what was inside. Thank you for the sweet memories.