Thursday, November 27, 2014

Rustic planter box ideas

They are great for holding seltzer bottles.

One of our most popular products can be used in so many ways and it's a simple box.  We've been creating them for over 4 years now. They may be customized by color and size. 
We can also monogram them for you. 
I've put together a collection of photos showing some different ways
you can decorate with them for all seasons.
Find them HERE.

preserved cedar and pinecones dusted in german glass glitter

on the mantel - with mason jar candles - evergreens - pinecones and berries

Burlap wrapped candles - cedar sprigs - dried pomegranates - dried artichokes and pinecones

with colorful fruits and some greens tucked in 

mason jar candles - berries and pinecones

for the fall table - mason jars filled with flowers and a bit of burlap

A wedding table centerpiece filled with preserved hydrangeas

mason jars over filled with flowers - pumpkins, and artichokes on a stick

I love them simply filled with baby's breath in mason jars and burlap

Filled with my favorite flowers - hydrangeas!

Purple wax flowers and burlap
looking beautiful with lavender bunches

 We can add words or monograms.

A few of our customer submitted photos:

customer submitted photo

customer submitted photo

customer submitted photo

customer submitted photo

customer submitted photo

customer submitted photo

Send us your photos for our inspiration page!  We would love to see how you decorate with these versatile boxes. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3 simple arrangements for Thanksgiving

It's in the 30's today on Long Island so I was thrilled to stay in and create some pretty simple florals for you to recreate for your Thanksgiving table or to bring to your Thanksgiving dinner host. Most of these "ingredients" can be purchased at your local supermarket.  I picked out several bunches of mostly single type flowers, greenery and berries at my local Trader Joe's for a whopping total of $26!

You can also grab a bag of pumpkins/gourds at the market.

I love using dried artichokes in my arrangements, fresh ones from the market will also work! You can also use colorful fruits such as apples, clementines, or pomegranates.

I'm probably breaking some kind of floral design rule but I like to use dried hydrangeas in my designs. These limelights came from my garden.

Another thing I like to use from the garden - twigs for added texture. These birch branches are a favorite of mine.

Now for the containers. I love using a decorative rustic planter. Simply filled with mason jars, it makes arranging really easy. You can also used soaked oasis floral foam (set inside a waterproof liner) to easily make your stems stay put. The jars are just readily available in your home. I also save empty food jars for this reason.

You may also have a favorite pitcher, sugar bowl or creamer that your not currently using. These all make perfect floral vessels.  I love to use old tarnished silver pieces for that perfect vintage feel.

So let's start with the planter box and jars. Fill a pitcher with water and mix in the appropriate amount of flower food which should have come with your flower purchase.  Fill each jar with the water mix.
I started with the seeded eucalyptus which smells great and will also dry beautifully. I love the way this hangs over the side.

Because it's so top heavy, you may have to adjust them a little but they will be fine once everything else goes into the jars. (this is where the foam would make things a little easier)

Next, I secure bamboo skewers (from the supermarket) to the bottom of my artichokes and pumpkins. You can secure with a little drop of hot glue if you need.

So I added a few artichokes and pumpkins and a few top heavy flowers that are supported nicely with a  plastic straw.

The sturdy stemmed alstroemeria and green kermies add height and color to the arrangement.

And because this is "Hydrangea Home", I need to add in some of my dried hydrangeas.  I also tucked in some salmon lilies and berries. A few birch twigs were also tucked in.

Voila! So pretty and festive. A quick and easy one to put together at the last minute.

I used what was left of the bunches for the sugar and creamer. Just add water and tuck the flowers in.

This idea can be used on a small side table, or hutch. It can also be used down the center of your table. Picture maybe five different silver pieces in alternating heights going down the middle with little pumpkins scattered about. An old book makes a great riser as well.

My final idea is on an old silver platter. You can use ceramic or a wood tray if you'd like.  Stack your pumpkins in the middle.

Tuck in some dried hydrangeas, seeded eucalyptus and a few artichokes.


I hope this inspires you to create one of your own!

A couple of floral tips:

  • make sure you strip the leaves from any stems headed under water. 
  • keep adding fresh water to your vessel
*rustic planter is made by us and can be found in our shop in any size/color.