Friday, April 27, 2007

Someone Will Win a Pink Diamond!

We are so excited! As a proud member of, we have joined with other Pink Boutiques and Make Mine Pink for the “Pink Diamond Campaign”.
Every year Make Mine Pink likes to do something special to honor our valued customers, clients and friends. In all, $2500 worth of fabulous pink prizes will be awarded throughout the contest with a Grand Prize of a genuine pink diamond pendant.
There are several fun ways to win prizes for the Campaign, by just visiting the boutiques at Make Mine Pink and locating the six diamonds hidden among the participating Pink Boutiques each of the six months, or you may see one of the Make Mine Pink boutique owners wearing her pink rhinestone “MMP” pin as she goes about day to day activities, or making a donation to a favorite women’s charity. A monthly prize will be awarded for May, June, July, August and September entries with a grand prize awarded for the month of October. It’s that easy!
Join us in our excitement by visiting the boutiques at Make Mine Pink.
For more information, you may visit the “Pink Diamond Campaign” link at Make Mine Pink.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gift Wrap

I just wanted to share these pretty little communion favors I just put together for a customer. They are wire votive holders that I wrapped up in tulle, tied with pink ribbon and my favorite part is the little tag I made on my computer. I love pretty little gift tags. And I think wrapping gifts are so much fun and just as important as the gift itself! I guess that is why I just bought ANOTHER book to add to my collection. This one has such pretty pictures and some great gift wrapping ideas!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Girls Room Redo

I have just finished a really fun project. I was hired to redo an 11 yr old girl's bedroom. I have posted the before and after shots. She wanted a lime green and blue color scheme. Her mom wanted to keep the pink rug in the room so we worked a little pink in the bedding and accessories. I just finished hanging wall accessories today and I think we might need just a few more things to complete the room. So, for this project I went on a couple of shopping trips with the girl and her mom and we picked out bedding, window treatments, side table, lamp, hardware and shelves. We found some good bargains for this room such as a small metal side table from Ikea ($19.99) but it was black so I painted it blue! And the full length mirror in the corner was a great find for $50 but it was a dark stain so I painted it white. I also made a fabric memo board for the room and installed new drawer pulls on the dressers. Such a difference! Another great find were the paper lanterns in the corner of the room. They were at Old Navy 2 for $10 and they have battery operated lights inside. So cool! I just love projects like these.

Make sure you stop by Sanctuary Arts at Home for more Before and After projects!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pink is the New Black

I have to share this adorable tee I found at Old Navy for my little one. I know my friends at Make Mine Pink are going to love this one! I wonder if they have them in adult sizes, I didn't think to check when I was there!

And I am just curious, how many of you decorate your home with Pink? I love the color, and a lot of my creations contain pink. However, on LI, I don't see a lot of customers asking for pink. But it seems popular on the internet and I believe it is becoming a new color trend. What do you think?