Sunday, August 10, 2014

New in the shop this week...

10" preserved boxwood trees
10" preserved boxwood trees in concrete pots

12" preserved boxwoods

preserved hydrangea in bird cone

preserved hydrangea in bird cone with mini handmade clay eggs

angled box in duck egg

Find them in the shop and on Etsy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Extreme Hutch Makeover

I don't know about you but it takes a party for us to get home projects done around here.  We started this hutch 2 1/2 years ago, then I guess something else took priority and there it sat with 1 coat of paint and no knobs on half the doors. We still used it though. I even decorated it and photographed it at Christmas. In pics it looked great - and was repinned on Pinterest.

So we are having our daughter's grad party at the house soon and I felt the need to finish the piece.

Here it is before:

Typical colonial style. I needed to cover up those details, so my husband added some moulding to cover up the cutouts. By adding the base moulding, we also make the piece go straight to the floor which helps cut down on the dust bunnies from my shedding lab.  Ah, so much better! He also added a piece of lauan (thin plywood) to the back of the piece. He used a router to cut horizontal grooves into the panel.  I was going for the weathered barn wood look for the back.

I painted the entire piece with 2 coats of Annie Sloan Old White. I used sandpaper to lightly distress some of the edges of the piece.  I clear waxed everything. Then I made a mixture of half Coco and half Paris Grey to use as a glaze and give the crevices a little dimension. I added a little water to the mixture and brushed it in and wiped off the excess. A little more clear wax and that was it.

The top of the hutch base had a nice hunk of oak which we sanded down. I wanted to create a weathered oak finish and I love the result. I first applied a coat of Minwax stain in Provincial. Then I brushed on some Old White (thinned with water) and wiped it off. I added a coat of clear wax but it wasn't quite the look I was looking for. It looked too pickled to me. So I added a coat of Annie Sloan antique wax and it was perfect!

I'm loving my "new" finally finished piece of furniture and I'm having fun decorating it with all of my favorite things. Boxwood wreaths hang on each door, and a little vintage monogrammed seafood fork from The White Weathered Barn on the North Fork of Long Island hangs from a knob.  My favorite Sunday morning latte mugs are on display along with one of my preserved floral designs in a vintage silver goblet.

I can't say it was a simple job, it does take a lot of hours and a lot of wax on, wax off! I am hoping to work off some of the ice cream I've been eating too much of this summer!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tent Sale Shoppe!

We have opened up a new store on Etsy...Hydrangea Home Tent Sale Shoppe!

Here is where you can find some of our handmade products or supplies in limited quantities. They are most likely discontinued so when they're gone, they're gone! Since we are only working with preserved florals, we will be listing the remainder of our faux flower supplies and arrangements here as well as other odds and ends as we make it through our supply shelves. So keep checking back!

You can still find our custom and regular stocked products HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Wedding Season!!

And I do love it!  I really enjoy creating for such special events.  A couple of years ago we made the centerpieces for my brother's wedding ~ 3 foot long rustic boxes filled with preserved hydrangeas. Since then, our popular boxes are now made in more than a dozen styles.

This square one seems to be a popular style this season.  We are currently working on 2 large orders - 1 rehearsal dinner and 1 wedding. They will both be using them as centerpieces.

Brides are telling me they love the styling I do with the various boxes we make - it gives them ideas for their own events. So I'm going to work on an inspiration page (or maybe one of those digital magazines).  Will let you know when it's ready!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

faded beauty...

I love my fresh flowers but hate to throw them away when they are done.  To make them last, I photograph them. It's fun to create little vignettes with flowers using props from my shop.
Their faded beauty stands out more alongside chipping cast iron, distressed painted backdrops, rustic woods, tarnished silver, oxidized metal. Just a few of my favorite things!

Hope they brought you warmer thoughts if you are experiencing the cold winter we are here in NY!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jennifer Lanne's painting class...highlight of the weekend!

I am a longtime fan of artist Jennifer Lanne. The day I found out about the painting classes she was holding in her barn studio in upstate NY, I was ecstatic! I think I registered before even looking at my calendar. I would make it work. Luckily the weather was OK (a lot of rain but at least it wasn't snow!), for our 4 hour ride to her farm. You can see a picture tour of her gorgeous farmhouse HERE in this Country Living feature.  Jennifer and her husband Richard are so talented and were so sweet. She has more classes lined up if you are interested in taking a class which I strongly suggest if you are a painter or have always wanted to try painting. Jennifer is a great teacher! But don't wait to sign up - her classes fill up quickly!  You can find her class info HERE.

A lot of fun! The girls came from all over NY and CT. I love how each painting has a very different look. They thought my painting had a shabby look to it - PERFECT! I made it for our youngest daughter's bedroom. She was so excited to hang it over her bed.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas favorites 2013...

So it's a week after Christmas and I'm finally getting to enjoy our decorations. The parties, cooking, baking, creating and wrapping are done. This is when I get to relax for a bit and take it all in (before I take it all down). I LOVE my business but boy does it get harder every year to juggle it all from October thru December. Thankfully my sister hosted Christmas day this year and that was one thing I could take of my long to do list!  
So before it all comes down, I took some photos of my favorites to share with you all.


Changed up the entry a little bit with a recently painted dresser/vanity. I really like it! I think it may be a keeper. I better take it off my website!

Throughout the house you will see the use of a lot of fresh greens cut from my yard or some preserved greens tucked in different places.

The Bistro sign was another piece that was for sale but we decided to keep. My husband loved this one too much to sell! I do love it in the dining room. A great use for an old armoire door. You may have one of your own around the house!

A rustic box makes a great versatile centerpiece.  I filled this one with burlap wrapped candleholders, preserved cedar, birch twigs, pinecones, dried pomegranates and artichokes.

A pretty vignette on a sideboard tray.

The front hall mirror found a new home over the fireplace. I love the elegant design over the rustic brick. This wall will soon receive a complete makeover. I used mostly artificial greens over the fireplace for obvious reasons.

A favorite cozy spot in the den. I especially love seeing the little ones peak inside the windows of the Christmas village.

Love this ornament - a new favorite - a gift from a friend.
May you leave a little sparkle everywhere you go!

We are expecting a pretty good blizzard tonight in NY. Be safe everyone!