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Friday, September 23, 2016

Living Room Ideas

When Arhaus contacted me to design a living room using their furniture, the timing was perfect! We are in the process of renovating our living room which used to be my work studio. It's a pretty large space so I picked out quite a few pieces that I would love to see in there.

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When choosing a media console, I thought the easel was so unique and of course since I'm a painter and this room is where I used to do my work, this piece was so meaningful.

I'm not a rule follower when it comes to decorating. Choosing items that I love and have some meaning or usefulness for our family is what I'm thinking about when decorating. The colors and pieces in this mood board are just the perfect palette for a peaceful room to hang out in. That muted teal is one of my favorites and I love the slate blue tabletops. The room I'm planning is more of a casual family room so I picked items that weren't too formal but I think the round coffee table and end table add the perfect touch of elegance I was looking for.

It was so simple to find something in every category at Arhaus. Their products are just my style!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hydrangea tip

These gorgeous hydrangeas have lasted 10 days so far! A great tip: dip the stems in alum (found in the spice aisle) before placing in water. I also did this each time I gave them a fresh cut every few days. Works for me! Shown in one of our popular decorative planter boxes. ‪#‎myhydrangeahome

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What's for breakfast...

What's for breakfast...toasted Ezekiel bread brushed with lemon olive oil, topped with part skim ricotta, avocado tossed in fresh lemon, salt, pepper, fresh herbs and a drizzle of lemon olive oil on top. Try it!