Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paris (part 2)

I had been meaning to share these posts sooner but the time is flying by with all of the end of the year events in school, dance and sports.

I gathered some of my favorites from the next couple of days in Paris and created a few mosaics for you.

Les Fleurs...the markets and the gardens...ooh la la!

Parisian life...signs, the cafés, the bicycles you can rent all around the city, the market streets, the scooters and one of my husband's favorites - the woman sweeping in front of her building entrance.

I love the street signs on the buildings.

The Architecture's dream...so much to admire...the colors, details, the courtyards.

And last but not least!
The food...we thoroughly enjoyed, the wine, the cheese, the pastries, the baguettes! Never tasted a baguette like the ones we had (daily) in Paris.

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