Tuesday, October 02, 2012

"La Chouette"...the house in France

It's over 5 months since we were in France and boy do we miss it. I look at my photos a lot!  The first, very busy week was in Paris which I posted about HERE.
Our second, very relaxing week was in Semur en Auxois, the French countryside, Bourgogne region.

Semur is a small medieval village. I think what surprised me the most that people still live in villages like these. Reminded me so much of the village Belle lived in the movie "Beauty and the Beast".

The sound of window shutters opening in the morning and closing at night,

the constant smell of wood burning.

We found less english speaking in this area but we did ok, I think :)

Would love to be back!

Here are a few pics of the home we stayed in.

Love the tiny door, some of us had to duck our heads to come in.

Such great details

The front door view from the inside - such a cool old door.  All of the window treatments  were the same throughout the house and puddled on the floor.

This is the entry with the most beautiful old spiral staircase which went up to the 3rd floor.

Our "wine cave". I think every house in France has one.

Our living room. Love the neutral decor.
That owl painting on the mantel was made by a local artist who had a shop in the village square.  That was one of my souvenirs...the house had a name "La Chouette" which means owl.

Loved the doors throughout.

This is what we saw across the street.

And up the street.
The dining area.
The kitchen. Yes it's built into a huge granite wall.
Our bedroom.
More great details. I love all of the wood beams.

We really enjoyed spending time here.

I have lots of pics to share so I will post again when I'm having withdrawals of France. 

Enjoy your week!