Friday, January 26, 2007

Painted Tiles

It just got really cold here in NY and I already can't wait for Spring. I just painted these new tiles -( the Lavender one is for a customer ) and it really got me in the spring mood! I was in heaven when I was creating these as painting roses is my favorite thing to do. It is just so relaxing. I set up my little one with her paints, turn on Il Divo and I just seem to forget about everything during this time. I am adding some of these to my site over the weekend. (Click on Il Divo for a link to their site and listen to their music - I think they're great!) Let me know what you think!

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

I painted this piece as a Christmas gift for my oldest. She could never go to sleep unless my husband and I kissed her goodnight when she was in bed under her blankets. She has kind of grown out of that stage but I really don't want it to end! So to remember those times I gave her this sign and hung it over her bed. I am happy with the way it turned out so I will probably paint some more for my website.