Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday Feature - Gift Wrap Ideas

Don't you just love a beautifully wrapped package. One of my dreams is to have a wrapping station where I can have all of my supplies right at my fingertips to wrap a present. My inspiration for these ideas come from the book Presentations, which I have posted about before. So many great ideas in there! So I was getting carried away with wrapping tonight so I had a good number of pics to share with you. I only wish I had some actual gifts to wrap instead of empty boxes.

Let's talk about the embellishments, even though the paper is important too, what we add to it is my favorite part. These gorgeous ribbon swatches are just so pretty. I love the colors. These are dupioni silk ribbons, which are my present favorite.

Gather up some faux or fresh floral stems, berries, leaves and twigs.

Recycled greeting cards make great gift tags. You can even embellish these with paint and glitter. Just crop them to the right size.

Your embellishmets can also be part of the gift. Here a clip on bird's nest ornament sits on top of this little box wrapped in a nature inspired paper with raffia ribbon, pine needles and a berry pick.

You will see lots of florals in my gift wrap. They can be inexpensive, but they really do add so much to a package. The floral blossom can be sprayed or dipped in glitter too. You can also choose fresh blossoms. Just use a water tight floral pick, found at your florist shop, and your flower will not wilt on the package (that wouldn't be so pretty).

For this one, I just used some gold tissue paper on the box and added an ornament, sheer ribbon, a tassel and berry pick

Now, the paper on this package is just brown kraft paper, which I sprayed with some bronze paint. This color I have been using a lot of lately. I also sprayed the preserved lemon leaves you see on the package.

I have also added a doily, which is gathered and secured with an old pearl clip on earring. Jewelry is another great element to use in your gift wrap.

Some blue hydrangea blossoms add a touch of color on this pretty package.

Here, the box is wrapped in plain white tissue and a sheer gold ribbon is added with a leaf spray, purple rose and a chandelier crystal ornament for that needed sparkle!

I love this damask wrap and the ribbon is so rich too. A gift too nice to open I think! Some glittered hydrangeas and sparkly gold stems are just the right touch for this pattern

This beautiful angel tag is a recycled card, just cut with a fancy edge.

This one is definitely one of my favorites. It's that bronze sprayed paper again with pink silk ribbon and the perfect pink rose with a crystal branch.

I just love this color combination!
Hopefully this feature has inspired you to be creative with your gift wrap this holiday season.

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xx said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love them all Dawn - they really are almost too pretty to open. I'm jealous of those who get a gift from you :~) You always give me such inspiration!

Kay said...

I wish I were on your Christmas list, your packages are just beautiful! More than beautiful actually.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous! Love them all. Thanks Dawn for posting this. It was fun to read and look at while I ate breakfast this morning.

Nelly said...

How beautiful these all are. I would love getting a package like this. Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is certainly one of my absolute favorites.