Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Feature - Christmas Decorating

There seems to be a ton of glitter in this year's Christmas decorations and I love it! Can you tell? This front hall display is done in cream and white, silver and gold. It's fun to create little vignettes in places like these.
If you have evergreens on your property, just cut some of the branches and place them around your home. This little garland of greenery looks pretty over a mirror. And if you spray your greens with a little glitter, even better! A few hanging ornaments look great too.

This Snowman looks at home among the sparkling white feather trees!

Inside this urn, I placed a bunch of sparkling sprays of beaded greens and added some glistening hydrangeas around the perimeter. These hydrangeas are a silvery blue. Goes beautifully with the silver and creams.

Birds are very popular for all seasons as well. This chippy cast iron cutie looks perfect!

I love to add tons of flowers to my Christmas trees. This tree was done very simply with white lights, burgandy and pink roses, green paper hydrangeas, and some green berries. I also had some greenery stems that I never liked. The color was too bright and they really "looked fake". So I just sprayed them lightly with white spray paint and they add the perfect contrast to the dark green tree. Just what it needed! They look like they have been touched by the snow! And of course they were also sprayed with a little opal glitter.

Now here is something new I have been working on. They are Embellishing kits for your Christmas wreath or garland. I am creating clip on sprays for you to attach to your own base. I thought it would be great to have that fresh greenery wreath, but to add some really pretty embellishments that you can take off at the end of the season and reuse next year! You start out with your own wreath as shown above. This one is a mixed green and came with some pinecones.

And here is the wreath with my Embellishments! This one has glittered cream hydrangeas, some sparkly gold branches and a beautiful wine and gold colored ribbon. I am trying to come up with some ways to make your holiday decorating easier!

You can also use them to dress up a plain garland.

It's so simple!

You can also add some extra flowers and these star ornaments look beautiful too!

This is another color combination. Hydrangea Gold.

This one comes with one large spray and three small ones. All have a clip on the back. These can also be used to dress up your gift wrap or how about attached to your curtain tiebacks?

Here is the hydrangea gold on a garland with some added pink roses, gold finial ornaments and hanging crystal ornaments too!


Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

LOVE your Christmas designs! I just today decided I wanted to do cream, burgundy and a touch of pink for my colors this year and I feel very inspired now after seeing all your beautiful vignettes. I am off to peek in your store. Wonderful work!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Very,very pretty! I love the roses and stars combination.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

The craft your items with descriptions and prices...leave a comment on me that day so the other participants will know to come here :) Take the little banner and post it if you want to! Thanks!

Amy said...

So glad you have found my blog because now I have found yours! What fabulous eye candy and wonderfully decorating ideas :) I am hopping over to you shop now!
Looking forward to more posts...
Amy :)
p.s. I am having a give-away on my blog!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

How pretty! You are doing a lovely job with your decorating! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas! said...

Those are lovely. I have never decorated a the holidays with fresh greenery and would like to this year, do you have any hints? Like how soon you can clip them or how long they will last indoors?

Whimsy Pink said...

wow dawn! You are a great decorator! Want to come and help me?! :)

Nancy said...

I love your Chistmas displays! I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving and can hardly wait! Hope you don't mind, but I tagged you to share 8 random things about yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!

Veritable San Antonio Movers said...

I love all the ideas you shared — wouldn’t have time to discover all those, myself, so thank you! Happiest days ahead to you and yours.