Wednesday, October 15, 2014

beauty-full autumn

A recent ride upstate NY to visit our daughter in college was all the inspiration I needed to do some fall decorating around the house. 

limelight hydrangeas turn the most beautiful color in the fall and they dry perfectly
dried artichokes in a glass display box...simple and natural
easy vignette...more pretty limelights in tarnished silver on an ironstone platter with mini whites and colorful fall oak leaves I picked up while walking the dog
limelights everywhere
more neutral pumpkins for the mantel...put a special one on a pedestal
my favorite pumpkin was 25 pounds! I love it on this vintage folding chair
just a pumpkin in a bowl...on a farm table:)
just a pumpkin on a book:) found a great bag of these assorted minis at the supermarket ~ $5 - love that!

a special pumpkin should be on display

a baby white on a bed of moss...even more special in a box
baby whites tucked in all over the place
a rustic tray needs flowers and pumpkins...always

love the color and the little girl holding it:) a trader joe's find...I think I will roast this one for dinner tonight

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