Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This last week has been a fun and crazy one. I was excited about the thought of being snowed in and baking all weekend when the blizzard covered our area with 2 feet of snow.  Then came Monday and a snow day for my kids and a 2 hour delay for Tuesday! I love it when they're home but my list of things to accomplish those days was reduced.

And then shopping at the most popular supermarket in town with all the great Italian specialties is always an adventure 2 days before Christmas, but the hills of snow in the parking lot and ground of ice and slush just made parking and getting to your car with your wagon full of food even more fun (ha!)

Oh and that reminds me, my husband just wrote another funny post on his blog The Honey Do Chronicles. Check it out if you can use a laugh!

So anyway, I did finish my shopping (finally) and we did a lot of baking. I love filling little tins of homemade treats for my kids' teachers. I found most of the recipes I made this year at Martha Stewart's website. I had to stop printing after 7. But they're all so good.
See my post on last year's dipped peppermint sticks here.

There is always something I had planned to do but ran out of time for and this year it's making each of my guests one of these ~ my new white dove ornaments which never even made it to the website either.
Am I the only one that has an overambitious list of things to do and make?

Now to finish up wrapping (click here some wrapping ideas) and start the cooking! Christmas is always at our house which I love but I am looking forward to resting on Saturday....

Wishing you all,
Happy Holidays
and a Merry Christmas!


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