Sunday, December 28, 2008

One More Christmas Post

I just wanted to share a few more Christmas "things" with you. One of my decorated trees. This one is in my living room/work studio. I decorate this one with lots of flowers, this year I used cream glittered hydrangeas. I also display all of my pretty ornaments in pastels, cream, white and gold and silver. I tried to get some closeups of my favorite sparkly Swarovski snowflake ornaments. They just weren't coming out very well. Each year, my husband gives me the newest ornament for the year. It's an annual trip he makes to the mall with my daughter to purchase them.

A cute little Christmas sign - a favorite gift from my mom.

Here is a great gift idea. I needed so many little gifts this year, for teachers, mail carriers, student teachers, dance teachers, secretaries, etc. These chocolate dipped peppermint sticks are so easy to make and pretty too! I dipped close to 300 of these this year and packaged them in pretty little tins wrapped in cello and ribbon. Chocolate and peppermint - a yummy combination! By the way, I ordered the candy sticks from Blair Candy in Pennsylvania. They have tons of great stuff!

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Roxie said...

Beautiful pics Dawn. Makes me want to turn back time and do Christmas all over again.