Tuesday, June 09, 2015

zucchini blossom heaven...

While in Rhinebeck, NY this past weekend (more on that in an upcoming post), we visited the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market. While waiting for the market to open, I spied a photo on the market's Instagram feed of beautiful zucchini blossoms. I LOVE them! So I of course was on a mission to find them! And there they were at the Taliaferro Organic Farmstand. 

First time I had them was at Francine's, a great restaurant in Camden, Maine. We made them at home one other time and have thought about them often! I just don't see them too often for sale.  So tonight my son (the almost 17 year old that wants to be a chef!) made them as a starter for dinner. Stuffed with basil ricotta and fried.  So yummy!  I love when he cooks!

I found the recipe HERE. Enjoy!

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