Friday, January 22, 2010

NYC and Martha

The last week has been a little hectic but so much fun.  First I spent 3 days in the city with my daughter for her dance competition. They did great and we had a little free time, so I had to pop in to one of my favorite stores to get lost in - Tinsel Trading. It's actually the first time I've made it into the store - I usually visit them at the Gift Show so it was so much fun to actually make it to the shop. It's beautiful in there!

Then it was time for the 2-day NY Shelter Event sponsored by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia through the Dreamers into Doers group. What an inspiring and emotional event. Thanks so much to Alexis Tirado of MSLO for all of her hard work to make the event such a special one.

It began with a 2 hour cooking demo by Rachel Gaffney of  Rachel Gaffney and Lisa of the Polka Dot Pound Cake Co. They were so much fun to watch. And what yummy food they made for us.

That afternoon, about 30 of the residents of a local shelter came to the Martha Stewart offices for a catered lunch. They all looked beautiful and were so happy to be there. It was an emotional afternoon as some of the Dreamers in our group had gone up and told there stories of struggles. This part of the event was to hopefully inspire the ladies that are going through a hard time that they too can overcome their horrible situations and that there is hope for them.  We also presented them with more donations (organized by Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers) and told them of the many great things that were sent to the shelter. They were so appreciative!

The following day we were given a tour of the Martha Stewart office operations. It was so great, the staff was so welcoming.  I did take some pics but I'm not sure that I can share those (I'll have to check on that).  We saw the many kitchens, craft rooms (glitter heaven!), designers, photo stylists, editors, the amazing prop rooms-furniture, china, glassware, candles, cake stands, you name it, (holy cow - talk about organized!).

After the tour it was off to the taping of the show. And guess what, it was the travel show. Six amazing vacations were given away at random during our show. And one of our dreamers (who happened to be sitting right next to me), won a trip to Singapore. And everyone in the audience received a Kindle, among other things.  Martha herself even posed for a group photo with us. It was a great experience, my first time sitting for a show. It's scheduled to air on February 19th.

Joey Kola, the audience warm up guy - hysterical!

That night we were invited to a dinner at one of Martha's favorite pizza restaurants in Chelsea. It was called Co. If you're ever in the area - Great Food!

I've met some great women this week and we're already talking about planning the next get together.
Just 10 of us here- there were 40 all together. See more photos HERE on the Dreamer's site. And you can read the bios of all of the amazing Dreamers HERE.

Leaving the Indigo Hotel was hard-cool place, cool staff.

For now it's time to get back to reality...
Back to work.
With new ideas, new energy...

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Click HERE to read about our donation.


Kathleen said...

Thanks so much for sharing Dawn!
So sorry I wasn't able to join you!
What an amazing adventure!
Have a tea-rific weekend!

Dianne Hadaway said...

Dawn, I'm speechless! And you know I'm never without words. First of all, I'm so proud of you for being featured in Dreamers into Doers. I have been out of the loop for way too long as I didn't even know you were! Secondly - how fun was that trip to NYC?!! I am sure you had the time of your life. This is such great news and I love your blog post about it all. XOXO

the sassy beach said...

Thanks for sharing some photos I love them it looks like it was a great trip! Congrats to being part of the Dreamers into Doers that it so great for you
hugs sassy gail

Nancy said...

Dawn, You are such a Blessing!! Thank~You so much for sharing your experience!!
Huggs, Nancy

gail said...

Dawn,,, thank you so much for sharing your special day. It sounds like a great day to be at the taping. Enjoy your new Kindle. I loved all of the pictures.

Have a pretty and relaxing weekend after your trip :)
(()) gal

Patricia said...

Dawn, what a wonderful experience! I'm so glad you were able to be part of that amazing weekend, what a great chance to meet all the other 'doers'. Proud of you, congratulations on your hard work.
Patrcia Rose-A Potpourri

Susie said...

Wonderful pictures and experience Dawn. Thank you for sharing it with us. The organization must have been over the top! Congratulations on all you and your family did for Enchanted Makeovers.
The Polka Dot Rose

Mary Patterson said...

What an incredible experience, Dawn. Thanks so much for sharing about it - I had BIG goose bumps! What a joy to meet the ladies in the shelter for whom your family made the beautiful wall hangings, etc. We'll look forward to hearing more about this amazing time.
Mary Patterson

kwods said...

Hi - i have just come across your blog doing a little bit of trawling as my sister just started he blog call hydrangea house !!! I would love you take a peek at mine called manningroad@typepad and you will see we have twin puppies - only mine is a weeny bit older I think. I do love your blog, inspiring to say the least. Kate

EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

It was wonderful to read about your great trip and effort with the Dreamers and Doers project. It sounds like it was a wonderful experience all the way around!
Forget Me Not Dreams

Ellenay Designs said...

Wow!! How awesome! Thanks for sharing your trip. That looked like so much fun. I hope to see you on Martha!!
Also,I wanted to ask you about dropping by my blog and checking out a charity raffle I'm hosting. If you're interested in helping me promote it, I'd appreciate it so much!
Have a great week!!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Dawn! would be so cool if you won the trip to Singapore....then we can meet, and I can bring you go craft shopping :DDD

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and the event highlights. I enjoyed reading it and am so inspired by all the wonderful women!

Pei Li

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

OMG Dawn! You look fabulous and so did that event!!!!

I just got your newsletter! What a day that must have been..., I can't wait to go back and read more.

Those signs you made/donated look incredible. You really are an inspiration!

Hope all else is well... off to read more!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Get out!!! I mean get out!!! First you kill me by going to Tinsel Trading Co! Then....the Martha Show!!! Oh yeah.....totally and I mean totally jealoooooooooouuuuussss!!!! hee,hee,hee.