Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A great way to start the New Year!

Our home has been a little sign factory since New Year's Day.
We just finished the 54 inspirational signs we are donating to the NY Shelter project.
(see here for more info).
It was a great project for the kids to help out. If it wasn't for their help I wouldn't have finished in time. They were amazing and so excited to be a part of this project. Oh, and my husband too. He was my sander, sealer and hanger attacher. He's actually finishing up the last few as I am typing. A special thank you also to Advantage Payroll Services of LI for their monetary donation towards the supplies.
Tomorrow they will be shipped off to the shelter, one for each apartment.

Some inspiring words for the women and children living there that are victims of domestic violence. And in less than 2 weeks, along with 39 other women in business, we will have the chance to meet with some of the women.

To think, this all started as a group of us were talking about getting together to meet one another until Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers came up with the idea of possibly making a difference at a shelter as part of our get together.

Here's a little slide show of our work in progress.
Thank you Terry, for giving our family the opportunity to help out!

Click HERE for Part 1 of the event.
Click HERE for Part 2 of the event.

Want to make these yourself?

You need:
Unfinished wood plaques
Base color paint (I used eggshell interior house paint)
Antique Brown Glaze
White paint
Graphite Paper
Paint Pens
Foam stencil sponge
Matte Varnish

Steps to take:
Sand, prime and base coat wood.
Once dry, apply glaze and wipe off before it dries. I like to leave a little extra around the edges.
Then, I used my background, damask stencil. I centered it and applied a little white paint. Then, I wiped it down because I just wanted a faint design in the background.
Next, using graphite paper, I traced my quote onto the wood with a stylus. I then used a paint pen to fill in the lettering.
For this project, since I was making so many in a short time, I used rubber stamps to add a little element to each sign. I used brown acrylic paint and a foam stencil sponge to pounce a little paint on the stamp and applied to the sign.
After that dried, I lightly sanded the stamped image and my lettering, just because I liked the way it looked.
Finally, we stapled a jute rope on the back to hang and applied a Matte Varnish for protection.

Have fun with these!

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Terry Grahl said...

Your spirit Dawn is pure and your heart is full of joy.

GOD is smiling and embracing your entire family.


Terry ox's

ClassiclyAmber said...

What a beautiful thing to do! Love that you're including the kids, too!

Helen Hatem said...

That is so great Dawn! It's great that your whole family did it together. You have such a beautiful family! Hope all is well.

Cottage Rose said...

Dawn what a very thoughtful thing you and your friends are doing.. Your signs are so wonderfully inspirational, each woman and child will be so blessed by your act of kindness and caring.. loved the slid show your beautiful children how blessed you are to have such caring kids.....


OceanDreams said...

That is such an amazing gift Dawn, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year's Eve!! You have such a beautiful heart.

Anonymous said...

Dawn as always you inspire...

Notes from the Homestead said...

I found you through Today's creative Blog and I am so glad I did! What a wonderful, wonderful way to touch someone's life and make it just a little better! I am truly inspired!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow! You did a wonderful job and what wonderful inspiration! I think it's great your whole family got in on making them. Not only was it a help to you but it allows them to feel good about helping others.

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

What a beautiful thing to do and including your kids too. That is something they will always remember. What a better place you have made the world of these people.
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AKdottie said...

thats so amazing!!!!!!! And it looks like you had a fun time making them!!! :)

Diane Costanza said...

What a beautiful contribution. Well done!


Jeni said...

What a beautiful family you have and an amazing thing you are doing. A wonderful example you all are. Thank you for sharing.

p.s. You will love the workout. She is so cute and inspiring. Love it! Wishing you a wonderful day!

gail said...

I love the signs your family created and I know these young women will feel the love you put into these beautiful signs. Have fun in NYC! Hugs, gail

Cottage Flair said...


That is so awesome!! And I think it's fantastic that your kids were so involved.