Monday, January 13, 2014

Jennifer Lanne's painting class...highlight of the weekend!

I am a longtime fan of artist Jennifer Lanne. The day I found out about the painting classes she was holding in her barn studio in upstate NY, I was ecstatic! I think I registered before even looking at my calendar. I would make it work. Luckily the weather was OK (a lot of rain but at least it wasn't snow!), for our 4 hour ride to her farm. You can see a picture tour of her gorgeous farmhouse HERE in this Country Living feature.  Jennifer and her husband Richard are so talented and were so sweet. She has more classes lined up if you are interested in taking a class which I strongly suggest if you are a painter or have always wanted to try painting. Jennifer is a great teacher! But don't wait to sign up - her classes fill up quickly!  You can find her class info HERE.

A lot of fun! The girls came from all over NY and CT. I love how each painting has a very different look. They thought my painting had a shabby look to it - PERFECT! I made it for our youngest daughter's bedroom. She was so excited to hang it over her bed.

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I had so much fun at Jennifer's class!!!! It was amazing how everyone already have their own style. We all painted the same flowers and look at how different they all came out LOVE it! Nicole and I are going to the next one and painting a funky chair, are you? Yours came out awesome!!! Maybe we will you at the next class. Have fun!
~Debra xxx
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