Monday, March 01, 2010

Party Time!

Today is my daughter's 14th bday. Can't believe it!
Where did the time go?
So, on Saturday night we had 20 girls over for a celebration. 
Thanks to the snow day, we had time to make some fun party pom poms.

Inspired by the ones on this gorgeous blog...

We used a Martha Stewart tutorial except we added a few more layers of tissue than instructed for fuller pom poms. Here is the link to the how-to.
We also used mixed the tissue colors and made little ones for the table.
Some of the girls wore these in their hair to dance the next day.
They just loved them!

The desserts!

We made mini and regular cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate.
But the frosting is what I need to share.
I found this recipe on a cooking forum a while back. 

Fluffy (not too sweet) Amazing Frosting

1 C Whipping Cream
1/4-1/2 C Milk
1/2 package instant pudding mix (4 serving box)

Combine all ingredients in a chilled mixing bowl. Beat with electric mixer until cream is whipped and pudding is dissolved and thick. 
You may need to adjust the amount of milk to get the right consistency. Too thick - add a little more milk. Too thin - add a little more pudding mix. 

I made a chocolate and a vanilla batch and piped the frosting on using a pastry bag. 

Here's what I'm thinking about for some other combos:
Pistachio frosting
Lemon frosting with a fresh blueberry on top
Lime (is there lime pudding mix?) with a fresh raspberry.

Don't they sound delicious?
You can also pipe some right into the cupcake before frosting for a yummy surprise filling!

Holy cow - I just went on the Jello website.
They have banana, COCONUT!, butterscotch, CHEESECAKE!, white chocolate....
I'm in trouble!

So, besides the cute little cupcakes, we also set up the chocolate fountain with fruits, marshmallows, pretzels and graham crackers for dipping.
Always a huge hit!

The Games

Some great fun games for teen parties.
We created a questionnaire for the girls to fill out. 
Twenty questions about the bday girl.
 The top 3 that knew her best got to choose a prize. 
A lot of fun!

Charades including pop songs, movies, etc.
Winning team chooses a prize.

And we were planning on playing Left, Right, Center (a fun dice game). 
We were going to use candy for this one but we ran out of time. 

The greatest story ever told. Someone starts of the story with a couple of sentences on paper. The book goes around the room and each girl adds to the story. The story is read out loud and the end. It's pretty funny what 14 year old girls write about. (mostly Justin Bieber)

The Prize Basket

Assorted lotions and lip gloss from Bath and Body
Nail Polish in funky colors
Hair flower clips
Cosmetic bags
Genie twist hair towels
Starbuck's gift cards (this was a hot one)

Maybe you have some more great teen party ideas?
If you do, please share in the comments.
Thanks so much!

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frugal farmhouse design said...

Happy 14th Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Looks like a great party, thanks for sharing all the creative ideas. They will be very helpful in the near future. My daughter will be 14 in August. All the best, Lori

Mumzie said...

Beautiful party! They grow so fast..enjoy the moments. I love the cupcakes and pom-poms. Back in the '60s we made lots of tissue paper spciality were the roses. I had totally forgotten about those until I saw you post. It was so much fun! Thanks. Mumzie

esther said...

Your post made me so happy! What a beautiful day! What a wonderful mommy! Thanks for the good ideas! Esther (DID)

Anonymous said...


You are such a great mother and talk about growing so fast
You have such talent and patience
I am so proud of you
Love you Mom xxx

Jillian said...

FABULOUS ...everything! I loved the decor, the dessert, and the fun party ideas of what games to play. I hope I can remember all of these in 12 years when Dear Bebe will be a teen. :0)

kate Woods said...

I can't wait to try that frosting !!!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh my goodness Dawn ! You don't look much older than 14 yourself.
I know it was a special day for your sweet and beautiful daughter...


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

this sounds like such a great party! congrats to your daughter... i just got your email newsletter for the discount of 15%..., is it for anyone? (ie: should i post it on "my island wedding"?)

hope all is well with you!

Miriam at Made Right Guide said...

Hi Dawn,
You must have nervers of steel to have 20 teen girls invade your house, but it sound like a great time!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Never in one MILLION years did I ever have a birthday party like this one...and is THIS what 14 looks like now..WOW !!

What fun memories for her.
The jello frostings sound way good.


Tammy@InStitches said...

That sounds like a fun party and those pom poms are beautiful. I might have to make some for my nieces wedding.


My daughter just turned 14 as well. It's been fun.. I love the greatest story ever told.. that sounds like fun! I'm sure the party was a blast.. the decorations look beautiful!

House and Garden Boutique said...

The pom poms are just beautiful! Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday....thanks for sharing all your ideas!