Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tent Sale Tuesday-Wire Votives

Aren't these cute? I just listed them under the Tent HERE.


Denise @ A Room With A View said...

Those are really cute! I cannot get enough of pretty candles like these!

Arlene said...

A Queens girl....nice to meet you, small world. I do miss NY pizza very much so when I go home I always get a slice or two. I miss the city too, but I love where I'm at, its peaceful and I'm only 4 hours away. Thanks for visiting me as well.
My casa Bella

Anonymous said...

Totally Cute!! Love you blog.

TGIF - enjoy the weekend.

home staging Toronto said...

Hi! They are really beautiful. Because I deal with design at my work, I know how details are important and these are absolutely amazing. Thanks for inspiring me!
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