Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Porch Decorating

I have always been one to decorate more for the fall than for Halloween.

Until my kids got older and complained it wasn't scary enough. So we added a huge spider, some webs, an ugly rat and on the night of Halloween I put out a flying bat and turn on the fog machine. They love it!

Every year, one of my neighboors carves these amazing pumpkins. Here are a few pics I thought you might like.

For more fall porch decorating, head over to Melissa's at The Inspired Room.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What a demure little "beware haunted" sign...nice touch. And the carved pumpkins are great fun!

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

The pumpkins are amazing! Thanks for sharing those pictures!

We have a huge spider in front of our porch lights too!

I love your white tiered holder with the pumpkins and sign. I want one too!

Ms. Tee said...

Your porch is very pretty - and I just can't beleive someone had the patience to do those pumpkins! Thank you for sharing. :)

Melissa said...

So pretty, Dawn! I know what you mean about kids wanting more scary than pretty! My son insisted on spiders amongst the pretties. Nice!

Happy day, thanks for being a part of the fun!


Jinx said...

I love the tiered holder too! And the DO they do that?!

And I haven't really ever decorated for fall much until this year. I went more the "Autumn" route instead of Halloween so I don't have to take it down until after Thanksgiving!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Dawn ~ I love your fall decorating ! I am really really bad now that my kids are out of the house ~ the only thing I decorate for is Christmas ~
You go girl !

Cottage Rose said...

Love your fall and Halloween decorating. That spider would keep me away. lol Love your front door basket so pretty and love the sign.


Susie Q said...

What fun to see...I loved it all.
Your porch is so pretty and wow. Those pumpkins are amazing!

beth at aunties said...

Your Fall porch really looks pretty and I loved the carved pumpkins! It looks like a lot of work and patience.
The demented rat and spider are very Halloweeeny and how fun to turn on the fog machine... Kids are ore into the scary:)

Thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...


Your porch looks awesome. That rat did scare me though! OMG!!!

I'm a bit jealous since I didn't decide to decorate for Halloween this year. I needed a break and the $$ too.

xo Cath

bj said...

Those pumpkins are fabulous!!
I have a fall wreath out right now but closer to Halloween, we have a big witch that sits in our porch swing and a ghost that booooos at ya...
I love your Haunted sign!!
love, bj

GEORGIA said...

Love your porch!!
I have nominate you for the Marie Antoinette Award! Go to my blog to read all about it!