Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not Just Roses and Hydrangeas!

So I went to the NY Gift Show last week. So much fun! I get so inspired by all of the color trends and new styles to create and design new products. I found some great new containers for my florals in tin and stone, and of course some gorgeous new roses and hydrangeas to fill them with. But I do arrange with other materials too. I just finished this cone for a customer. I have already made her a few floral pieces for her living room, so we needed a non-flower piece for the wall. This was done in greens, twigs and berries. It was the perfect finish to her living room!

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Joyce - Cottage Collections said...

Dawn I'm so jealous that you made it to the show. I'd love to go to the NY show one of these days but have never been to NY and feel a bit intimidated. I can't wait to see some of your new products.

To answer your qestion.. Alexandria is about 2 hours from me. It's northern VA and I hear they have some great shopping and antiquing up there. It's so clos eto DC it's a bit pricey though. Roxie lives in that area I think.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!