Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Hand Painted Decorations

Here is a little sneak peak of some new pieces I have been painting over the last couple of days. I will be listing these on my site tonight under Painted Pieces and Christmas.


mike said...


Your site is so pretty. I love hydrangeas....they are my absolute favorite flower!! I will go back to visit your blog often, I am sure because I am so inspired by beauty and your blog is filled with beautiful things!!
My blog is at:
if you'd like to visit!
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill the world with more beauty!!

Debbie Schramer

Sunflower said...

Sorry, my post linked to my husband; I don't know why. Here's my link instead....

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie-Thank you so much! I visited your blog and site-you do beautiful work! I also love hydrangeas, fairies and Victoria was my absolute favorite magazine. I was so sorry to see it go! I have you in my favorites. Keep on creating!

Sunflower said...

Hi Dawn,

It was so nice to hear from you again. I just love your blog; it is so pretty!!

I have checked over and over again but have never been able to find a website for "Nest", which is so disappointing to me because I absolutely love that shop. Maybe if enough people email or call them about having a website, they will hopefully create one. It's the most wonderful store!

Hope your day is filled with many pretty things!

Sunflower said...

Hi Dawn,

Your work is so delicate and pretty. You must have a beautiful studio....I can imagine you have many pretty things around you to inspire you. I love visiting your blog because it is so pretty and elegant!

I can't believe they are still selling hydrangeas in the stores! They never stop amazing me....they are such a gorgeous flower! One year, my husband and I sold hydrangeas to different shops! People that needed their hydrangeas pruned hired us and then would let us have the flowers if they didn't want them. We collected so many; it was unbelieveable! We wondered what we would do with so many so we kept some for ourselves and then sold the rest! It was one of the funnest summers we ever had! So much beauty! We were surrounded by hydrangeas! We hung them from the ceiling in our house, in the rafters of the garage; they were everywhere!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and have time to create many more beautiful things! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I've posted lots and lots of new pictures and thoughts if you have time to visit!

Take care,